I am an interdisciplinary artist and fashion designer making dynamic and fluid installations that exist in the realms of the internet and the art spaces I present in. My use of materials is eclectic and experimental, using combinations of industrial supplies, jewelry, and select objects. I integrate mediums such as sculpture, lighting, sound, video, digital images, performance and fashion into my installations to create interactive visual experiences.

My work usually includes some sort of staged ceremony in which the space

role-plays an environment, creating multifaceted events in the context of sculpture and video installations that are accompanied by social media campaigns, prompting the work to live online as well as on site. Previous exhibition subjects have ranged from weddings, construction groundbreakings, red carpets, prestigious ribbon cuttings, awards ceremonies, galas and ancient religious rituals. These ceremonies probe our connection to objects, idols, and rituals in an era of digital branding and consumption, exploring the correlation between Kitsch, aesthetics, and status by creating extravagant spectacles that mock the self-importance of fine art. The installations are decadent, vain, and shamelessly ornamental, combining fragmented biblical references from my Jewish upbringing with trashy flashy dollar store treasures and flea market trinkets. My language is a blend of contemporary and ancient, East and West, material and metaphysical. Houses of worship, archeological exhibitions, competitive sporting broadcasts and award ceremonies are among things that inspire me. I frequently refer to the American dream of success and the ‘Hollywoodized’ notion of the  Middle East which is stigmatized by romantic fantasies that parallel the Orientalism of Western male-dominated art history. Themes from my installations have included variations of shrines and souvenir shops packed with sculptural objects that depict lucky charms, sacred relics and fetishistic mythological deities. Upon relocating to the US from Tel Aviv, one of my recent artistic obsessions is observing and documenting the aggression of motivational accounts on social media that bombard us with quotes about #selfcare, hustling hard, how to succeed and become a perfected version of ourselves. I am currently bringing this dire strive for perfection into my practice. 

Since graduating with honors in 2012, I have received many grants and awards such as the 2015 Gold Annual Award for Excellence in Fine Arts, the MRMF Best Choice Art Award, the Grand Art Prize from Fran Hendelman & Co., the Mannsfield Artist of the Year Award for 2018, a Frida Sokolov Merit Award, and a Van Luxemburg Fellowship. I have been honored in various important award ceremonies for my contribution to contemporary art and design. Among these were the 49th Senior Personnel and Special Projects Outstanding Achievement Award Ceremony Gala, the grand opening of the AMSF Foundation’s new wing, the 56th Annual Fundación Wellendorff Gala, the IFC Young Leaders of America Conference, the official reception of the Puerto Rico High Honor Society, the Maximilian Batson Kingsley Dream Foundation Award Ceremony, the official 208th annual Ritz Gala ribbon cutting ceremony, the 193rd Annual National AMEHL Award Ceremony Gala where I received the Lifetime Achievement Award, and Le' Grand Prix d'arte Contemporanea de Festival Cannes 2016. I was the guest of honor at the 2017 Global Original Design Roundtable Alliance in the international fashion capital of Guangzhou. Liber China International Fashion Week presented me with 2 prestigious awards, the Autumn 2017 Global Original Design Brand Marketing Award and the Global Original Designer Innovation award. In 2018 I cohosted the Annual Alliance Entrepreneurship Conference with deputy director of Commerce J.J. Holdings Ltd. I am the youngest recipient of the prestigious Golden Lizard award in history and a laurelate of the Pi Beta Alpha Magnum Fellowship for Excellence in Fine Arts. My work is held in private collections and organizations worldwide, including the personal collection of Countess Francesca Waldorf, Victoria Rockafeller’s esteemed collection, the Monaco Royal Museum’s permanent collection, notable Argentinian art patron Lily Goldschmidt’s collection, the Madison Dore Foundation in Brazil, Prussian Archduke Thomas Van Sokolov III’s palace, the Ritz TLV’s world class art collection, Duchess Dorothy Hawthorne-Rothchild's Collection, MoMa board member and trustee Phillip John Velasco Gabriel's collection, Scheherazade Kaufman’s private estate in the UAE, GZ Municipal Commission of Commerce director Sam Li's, and the collection of Sir Eduardo De La Fuentes Gutierrez Lopez, patron of the arts of the Rincon province of Puerto Rico. My book "The Key To Success Now" is a NY Times bestseller with over 10 million copies sold all over the world. #stayhumblehustlehard

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